Become a successful forex trader in 90 days

How to start right, How to succeed with the best chart patterns and Strategies!

48 hours of intensive Training by Global Analysts and mentors

12 Weeks Mentorship from a successful Global Analyst

Detailed Curriculum & Course outline

Professional Certificate after completion

Lifetime mentorship and access to live trading room


How to start, How to succeed with the best advance patterns and strategies is a well-structured and comprehensive forex course that is designed to help novice investors understand all the basis of the forex market to help them in their investment decisions and for advance traders to easily identify and understand the advanced chart patterns formation on the chart giving you an edge on the market; to help them trade successfully resulting in consistent profit.

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The course is designed to help you minimize your risk and maximize your returns

The course will help you to diversify portfolio to hedge against currency risk through diversification of portfolio

The course will help you identify very complex structures easily and how toidentify low risk trade to avoid excessive losses and drawdown.

The course is structured to suit your own schedule (weekend, weekday, evening )

The student can choose between Online session via zoom and classroom session

Students will be issued professional certificate after completion.

Access to over 25,000usd to 1,000,000usd proprietary funds to trade after completion.


At Gold Forex Institute, You would enjoy a practical, personalized and interactive education platform to ensure that you study at your own pace with no pressure to move forward until you are confident and entirely ready.

Our students from all over the world are furnished with an interactive platform where they can freely ask questions and share ideas with one another.

We will engage you with a combination of assignments, quizzes, books, forums and videos to broaden your learning experience and to keep you on your toes to make sure you grasp every lesson.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and you will be awarded a professional certificate at each level after successfully passing the exams.


At the end of the course, Students will be well abreast with;

  • The overview of the forex market and understand all trading definitions
  • Important Candlesticks Considerations (How to read and interpret them)
  • Fundamental Analysis and its application in trading
  • Identifying Chart Patterns
  • Understand the various forex tools and indicators used on the charts
  • Position sizing
  • Understand the powerful Oscillators Confluence & Divergence Strategy


  • At the end of the course, Students will be well abreast with;
  • Wyckoff Smart Money Concept
  • Volume Analysis & Price Dynamics
  • Fibonacci Applications & Trading Techniques
  • Harmonics Patterns & Application
  • Money Management & Risk Management Model


  • Elliot waves Theory (Impulsive Waves & 21 Corrective structures)
  • Market Structure and Multi-Timeframe Wave Analysis
  • Advance Money Management & Risk Management Model
  • Using GFI Trading System & Template


We believe that through education, everyone has the power to change their lives, and ultimately the world, for the better, hence, we equip our students and mentees to make consistent profits in their trading journey


We are experts in the field of forex trading and are rigorous in delivering high-quality learning materials, services and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes we have promised.


Courses are taught by professional forex trainers and analyst with proven track record of consistency and are passionate about providing an overall trading experience that meets the expectations and goals of our students


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