GFI LEVEL 3 – Advance (Online Session)



Dear Learners,

Welcome to the Advance Level course. This course is part of the Forex and Crypto Training Program. We are delighted to have you with us!

This course has Four(5) Modules and will run for a period of one month. In the discussion forum, we will seek out some discussion threads to which we will respond. It will not be possible for us to respond to each question that is raised but other students might respond to your posts. There will be practical live market sessions with the instructor which will be scheduled based on your availability for a duration of one(1) hour per week.To obtain the verified certificate, you will have to take all four end of week assessments and one final exam and score not less than 80% overall. Happy Learning, Gold Forex Institute Team



This level contains course structure which will teach you how to bring together what you have already learned in the beginner and intermediate level into the coherent methodology of Technical Analysis.

Learning Outcome

Elliot waves Theories 

  • Market Structure and Multi-Timeframe Wave Analysis
  • Fibonacci Applications & Trading Techniques
  • Money Management & Risk Management Model
  • Using GFI Trading System & Template


Elliot Waves Theory

1.1) Brief history

1.2)Importance of Elliot wave theory and application

1.3) The basic 1-2-3-4-5 design and wave psychology

1.4) Wave guidelines (impulsive and correction)

1.5) Ending diagonal

1.6) Leading diagonal

1.7) Impulsive with extensions

Market Structure and Multi-Timeframe Wave Analysis

2.1) Market Structure

2.2) Market Directions

2.3) Trend Analysis

2.4) Wave Channeling – Impulse

2.5) Wave Channeling – Correction

2.6) Multi-Timeframe Wave Analysis

Fibonacci Applications & Trading Techniques

3.1) Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence

3.2) Derivatives of Fibonacci Ratios

3.3) Important Fibonacci Ratios (Retracement & Extension)

3.4) Application of Fibonacci Retracement Tool

3.5) Application of Fibonacci Extension tool

3.6) Importance of Fibonacci Relationships to Wave Analysis

3.7) Fibonacci Relationships – Wave Targets (Basic1-2-3-4-5 &A-B-C)

3.8) Fibonacci Relationships – Wave Targets Corrective Patterns (Zigzag, Flats & Triangles)

Money Management & Risk Management Model

4.1) Trading Psychology

4.2) Geometrically Trading System & Applications

4.3) Hedging Techniques

4.4) Profit Management

4.5) Loss management

4.6) Building Risk Management Model

4.7) Building Personalized Trading Desk


5.1) Scouting for High Probability Setups

5.2) Turning a Day Trade into Swing Trade

5.3) Scouting for Long-Term Setups

5.4) Scouting for Day Trade Setups

6-Fundamental Analysis


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