GFI LEVEL 1 – Beginner (Classroom Session)



Dear Learners,

Welcome to the Beginner Level course. This course is part of the Forex and Crypto Training Program. We are delighted to have you with us!

This course has Four(4) Modules and will run for a period of one month. In the discussion forum, we will seek out some discussion threads to which we will respond. It will not be possible for us to respond to each question that is raised but other students might respond to your posts. There will be practical live market sessions with the instructor which will be scheduled based on your availability for a duration of one(1) hour per week. To obtain the verified certificate, you will have to take all four end of week assessments and one final exam and score not less than 80% overall. Happy Learning, Gold Forex Institute Team



There’s no better time to get started than now, the beginner’s course is designed to help novice traders understand all the basics of the Forex market in a non-boring format. At Gold Forex Institute, we ensure our beginner level students are well equipped after the course to delve into the forex market. Our students from all over the world are furnished with an interactive platform where they can freely ask questions and share ideas with one another.

Students are lectured on topics ranging from the Basics of forex trading to Identifying trends and chart patterns.

Students are provided with a 100usd Live funded account to trade with during the practical session. this tends to help student master the skill of trading even from the beginner level.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, Students will be well abreast with;

  • Important Candlesticks Considerations (How to read and interpret them)
  • Identifying Chart Patterns
  • Oscillators Confluence Strategy
  • Money Management & Risk Management Model


Introduction to Forex Market

1.1) Understanding the Forex Charts and market hours

1.2) Choosing your broker and open a forex account

1.3) Proper position sizing

1.4) How to add Expert Advisors and Indicators

1.5) Understand how to take Trades (Entries, Stops and Targets)

1.6) MT4 Trading Environment

1.7) Understanding Broker Terminologies(spread, swaps, margins etc)

1.8) Currency Correlations and Markey volatility

1.9) Building Your Trading Plan

1.10)Preparing for Unforeseen Contigencies

Candlesticks Considerations

2.1) Rejection Candlesticks Formation

2.2) Exhaustion Candles

2.3) Single Candlesticks Formation

2.4) Double Candlesticks Formation

2.5) Triple Candlesticks Formation

Chart Patterns Consideration

3.1) Introduction to Chart Patterns

3.2) Flags and Price Channels

3.3) Triangles or Pennants

3.4) Double Bottom/Tops

3.5) Triple Bottom/Top

3.6) Cup and Handle

3.7) Head and Shoulder(and Inverse)

3.8) Wedge or Diagonals (Leading/Endling)

Oscillators Confluence Strategy

4.1) The Stochastic Oscillator

4.2) Momentum Divergences-The MACD

4.3) Momentum Divergence – The RSI


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