Non-Farm Payroll Tutorial with ELORM ADJANKE (Data will be released on7th JUNE 2019)



NFP (Non-Farm Payroll ) is the most important data in the US released by the US Department of Labor. Data shows the number of people on the payrolls of all non-agricultural businesses. Usually published the first Friday of each month, at 12:30 PM GMT, it is a major economic indicator that measures the employment situation on the USA.

What happened last time (5th April 2019)?

  • March non-farm payrolls: 196K vs. 175K expected
  • March jobless rate maintains February’s 3.8% rate
  • Average hourly earnings up by 0.1% vs. 0.3% expected
  • February employment change upgraded from 20K to 33k

The next data will be released on 7th JUNE  2019 at 12:30GMT

What are traders expectations?

  • April’s non-farm payrolls to slip back from 196K to 185K
  • April unemployment rate to hold steady at 3.8%
  • Average hourly earnings to rise by 0.3%

Market players are expecting non-farm payrolls to take a chill pill and slip from 196K to 185K in April. They also see a faster wage growth (0.3% this time) and the jobless rate maintaining its 3.8% reading.

But let’s always remember that Market is on it own, so if you are a Technical trader kindly consider this in your Analysis.

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