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Eurozone: Upbeat PMI not enough to sway ECB – ING

Bert Colijn, the senior economist at ING, points out that the Eurozone’s increase in the June PMI from 51.8 to 52.1 marks the strongest reading in 2019, but continued manufacturing contraction warrants a high alert state from ECB

Key Quotes

“After some dismal PMIs at the start of the year, the cautious improvements in May and June can be seen as a positive sign. The way to interpret this is probably: growth remains weak at the moment, but the Eurozone is not getting closer to the recession.”

“Another important conclusion from the June PMI: the dichotomy between services and manufacturing is only getting larger.”

“The big question remains for how long this can continue, as manufacturing job growth has been coming down despite a small uptick in June. Without the strong labour market environment, service sector output could falter as well. It has to be said that this is unlikely to happen in the coming months though, as overall job creation remains modest.”

“For the ECB, this PMI will surely have come as an encouraging sign, but as manufacturing weakness remains significant, it is unlikely to impact the state of high alert in Frankfurt. Next week’s inflation data and the G20 could have more of an impact, potentially causing the ECB to act as soon as next month already.”

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